Dear  friends
the kite season 2011 in Europe  is running out. We all had beautiful and memorable experiences with our  passion, but also sad and thought-provoking moments .

I want to encourage you all (as I did last year) to browse the hard drive of your computer and assemble kite relating  photos as a series of up to 12 images.

Each participant can choose his own  theme. The pictures must not be made on a single kite festival, but it is a story to be told.
This may evolve a person, a special type of kite, a kite trip, a unique landscape, a special camera technology, an impressive festival, a children's party, ..................... Everything is allowed, but please do not forget the red thread.
You can also write a text of any length and  find (short) captions. 

Send me your pictures not later than 15th December 2011, or earlier, in JPEG format. For every image, the sizes 980/735 980/650 Px are defined. Maximum file size is 400 KB, but 100 KB will be okay. Each participant can choose between format sizes, but this format should be set for all images.
This ensures that all submissions can be presented the same way. The photos should be  named with 4 initials of your name and a two-digit number without spaces. My contribution would be heho01, heho02 etc. A sample of the presentation can be found in the Teilnehmer  (participant) section.

I would appreciate if you could motivate friends and acquaintances to participate.The copyrights remain with the participant, of course, you are free to use a watermark on your images.
Yo can send your photos to

Your  contributions will be shown in the order of the submissions. For further questions you can use the contact form.
Have fun reducing the flood of images